Futanari 2

《扶她 2》


Last night in dream I had a vision of the distant legendary earth mind, Orochi. I must confess to y’all, my dearest sisters, for that when I wrote this piece in my mind, I was masturbating, with my left hand fingering my wet vagina and right hand jerking off my rock hard penis.


It all started when our corporation dismissed all people of my department that I once was in for 2 years. I lied down on my bed doing nothing, but thinking of preparing surgical scalpel, which is called “mes” in Dutch and Japanese, to cut down from my glans directly down through my whole urethra, onto the opening where it should be, had I been born with female genitalia. And when the pain take over my mind in the vision, I made it to Orochi’s mind.


Orochi, the one that ultimately represents the earth, told me about relationship between human and nature, as well as between human individuals. When human once were, in the first time, and they’re out of effective language that could express themselves precisely, they instead practice it with their fleshy body and tender skin. Their tongue touched each one’s bare feet that once touched this enlightenment from motherly earth, with this earthy taste in their mouth they kissed each other all over with ultimate passion in their mouths, vulvae and penes. This joy of everyone’s juice and cum flowed into the depth of the earth they’ve mostly loved, and in Orochi they’re one, the primitive one. In fact, body all covered in earth has the same value to Orochi comparing to another body covered in divine delight of cum or defecate, and to human, it’s the same ritual as to feet covered in earth or crushed trampled food. But me, the modern queeric queen, is not earthly at all to perform such orgy with sexy queerly people I met for the first time last night. We rocked and we drank and we smoked weed, but all of these are industrialized forms of energy that are far from earth beneath tons of floors under our ephemeral body in the containment of cement and steel. Only by a mixture of blood, the blatant bloom of promiscuous life energy, should we connect with each other again in their hearts and their souls, while writing down our very own story with each one’s personal grief and euphoria. Thus for the Orochi, THEY had no choice but to offer this chance to my sagacious decision as I previously received Christ‘s title of βασίλισσα τῶν Ἰουδαίων.


When I wake up I saw golden morning sunshine scattering on the view outside my bedroom window and all along my nude body, featuring the silhouette of my breasts and penis. The sky above mountains in the far end of the view is a crayon-like mix of blue and white like in an impressionist painting, making me instinctively doubt if I’m really in Sichuan this moment. I took out a bottle of half ‘n half from my fridge, randomly poured it onto heap of ice in my glass, and crazily licked off the puddle that spilt onto the table, just like greedily cleaning up an imaginary hermaphrodite’s urine and cum all over my lewd and delicious futanari body with my tongue. I asked myself, am I really willing to be the perverted tranny slut now? Am I ready to exhibit my lunatic mind to all human individuals now? I imagined blood dripping down from my fishnet stockings into my steamy shoes, and this made me continue to masturbate in front of my window wall in the living room.